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The Adventure Begins

So a few days ago we marked the one month anniversary of our church plant, and what a first month it was!

Having been a part of three other young church plants in the past, I can safely say that there seems to be an unusual intensity around what we're doing here in Royal Deeside.

In just a few weeks we have seen people give their lives to Jesus, physical healing in work places, people encountering the presence of God in worship for the first time, and we've also had the joy of welcoming numerous people who have never been a part of church before into our family.

All the things which we felt God was calling us to do as a church plant are already happening - it really has been an incredible first few weeks.

Yet at the same time we have also faced some really significant challenges, the kinds of issue which many churches never have to face, including some very real and painful relationship issues. God is on the move, and the enemy knows it.

In the middle of all the intensity it can be very difficult to find time to properly reflect on everything, and yet it seems appropriate that we should - both in order to give God thanks for all that he has been doing, but also hopefully that others would learn from our experiences.

Over the years I have participated in different church planting training events and courses, but I think the truth is that models, mechanics, and methodologies can only ever go so far and in reality nothing really beats hearing someone else's story.

So that's the plan - I'll use this space to capture some of what's happening in the Grace Church Family, through a mix of blog posts and vlogs, sharing our own story alongside some of our own practical hints and tips for church planters on everything from buying PA equipment through to setting vision.

Get ready for the adventure.

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